"Never Stop Dreaming!" 

In Memory Of Donald D. Lapre

 May 19, 1964 - October 2, 2011

October 3rd, 2011 

Sadly, we learned of Don's passing yesterday morning and wish to offer our condolences to the entire Lapre family as well as all of his friends and acquaintances. We deeply regret the loss of such a great father, son, brother, uncle, husband and most of all, friend. Don was an extremely unique, generous, caring and kind individual who will forever be missed.

May you rest in peace Don. You will never be forgotten!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I created this site as a "Fan Site" when Don was taken into custody. It was just intended to be a place for people to leave their positive thoughts and prayers for Don and his family. An unbelievable 99% of all the comments that have been submitted, were in fact positive. I left out the very few that were not. I was completely blown away at not only the lack of negative comments, but also the number of family, friends, former employees, business associates and even strangers who wrote and submitted all of these wonderful stories about how Don has touched their lives in one way or another, forever changing them. Just go to the "Read and Post Comments" page to see what I mean! I also wanted to make it clear that I am in no way affiliated with the Lapre family and have never met them. I apologize if anyone may have been misled into believing that I might be a part of, or even a close friend of Don and/or the Lapre family. I was however, one of Don's early customers and have learned a great deal from him as a repeat customer throughout the years. Though I never personally met Don, I have actually been inside the New Strategies building at 3255 E. Elwood during the successful times and was able to see the sales floor, offices, etc. It was an experience exactly as described in the big Phoenix New Times article as well as the recent article by Neal Gabler in Playboy. I even applied for a sales position and watched his infomercials around a large conference table during the interview. I was and still am, just a big fan. 
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I really appreciate all of the great stories and comments that have been submitted by so many wonderful people. God bless you all!

Don had a GREAT sense of humor!


Lapre, Donald 47, passed on October 2, 2011. Don was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on May 19, 1964, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, with his family at 7 years old. He attended Sunnyslope High School and worked as a manager at Gemco at 18 years of age. He met and married his wife of 23 years, Sally Redondo, and they had two beautiful children together. Don's kids were his pride and joy. He was the best father anyone could ever ask for. Don was a born entrepreneur and was self-employed starting as a painter at 19 years old and from there went on to produce and be a part of many infomercials. He was nicknamed 'King of Infomercials'. Don loved the ocean but his greatest love was doing for others. He was the most generous man in the world. To know Don was to love him. We will forever miss his warm smile and loving heart. We wil l also miss his greeting of 'Wazz up!!!'
He is survived by his wife Sally, son 'Bear' Lapre, daughter Tori Lapre, two brothers Mike and Brian Lapre, sisters Debbie Rozzell and Michelle Milburn and parents Wilfred and Shirley Lapre.  


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