"I fail at more things than anyone I've ever met, but I try more things than anyone I've ever met. I'm a good loser."

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This website was created by David Salinas, along with assistance from Qualex Printing and was launched on June 27, 2011. While has grown substantially in size and popularity since its birth, the cost of maintaining such a site has dramatically increased as well. You can help keep this website up and running by donating any amount through PayPal's secure website using the "Donate" button below. Donations will go toward the monthly and annual site maintenance, domain name, hosting and bandwidth fees. Every penny is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your donation!



Never Stop Dreaming....

"I tried to create the best product on earth, paid out millions, made very little trying to make it a success, had attorneys review my entire company, paid out millions in refunds, tried to make the commission and products better every single year, and in spite of all that, I have been accused of something I did not do. I did not have the perfect company but neveronce did I allow one thing to be done that would violate any law. Nevertheless, because the majority of people did not make money, in spite of everyone of them being able to make as many $1000 checks as they wanted, I am left to fight a battle that will for sure destroy what energy I have left inside... I hope the pictures below motivate you to take a chance
in life and try to do the impossible... It did not work out for me with my vitamins but I believe that being willing to fail is part of having a chance at success.... Never stop dreaming and for all those who sent me testimonials of what you did because of some of my help, I am grateful I made a small difference in your life..."  DL